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January 28, 2018
Be sure to visit this web site and my web store frequently during the next few months. There are many changes in the works.
I am retiring.

This time it's going to happen.

It has been over two years since I announced my retirement. That was on December 31, 2014. However, retirement never happened, and I entered into "semi-retirement". As I have said on many occasions, I have yet to experience the retirement part, but that is going to change soon.

While it is definitely going to happen, the good news is that I have some inventory of my most popular products. This will be a "last opportunity" to get that CAROLINA WINDOM® or SuperLoop™ that you have always wanted. I know that some of you may want to get a spare in case something happens or your plans change. Once all the available stock of antennas, baluns, Line Isolators are sold, that will be it. There should be enough antennas and other RADIO WORKS™ products to last for a few more months, but that all depends on the demand and demand has been high. The numbers are limited, so don't miss out on this opportunity. Remember that Judy and Brad, KQ4IX, are still making the products. Judy has been building my antennas for nearly 30 years, and Brad builds all the baluns, Line Isolators, matching units and such and has been doing that for at least 20 years. This means that you don't get a pitiful, poorly made knock off that doesn't perform well. You get the full performance of a genuine CAROLINA WINDOM® or SuperLoop™. You also get the same quality and long life you expect from RADIO WORKS' products. To that end, my XYL, Jean, and I are now putting in all the effort required to get orders out to our customers in a timely manner. Without Jean's continued help and support these past two years would not have been possible. I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive and encouraging over the past couple of years and more than that, over the past thirty-two years. .

Remember that it's just Jean and I processing your orders. There is no longer any "staff." I normally have only two shipping days each week. So, please plan accordingly.

Stay tuned, Jim, W4THU


1. All orders must be placed through my web store. I cannot take telephone orders. That keeps things organized and leaves a permanent paper trail. It is also the only way I can handle credit cards.

2. I can no longer accept orders outside of the U.S.A.
I must process all orders through my web store at radioworks.com and as a security measure, you must have a U.S. five digit zip code for the billing address of the credit card being processed. It's a security issue.

3. If you have visited the RADIO WORKS web site in the past and later revisit my site, you may not get the current web site changes. Be sure to click the "reload" button in your browser to get the current version of the RADIO WORKS' web site. Most browsers will archive previously visited web sites and keep a copy on your computer. If they do, you may get an old version my my site. If you are reading this news update it should be dated April 25, 2017, which means you have the latest version of the RADIO WORKS™ web site.
It is very important as to keep up to date with the the latest news. Also, there will be some special sales that might tempt you!

4. I will try to keep the web store inventory as up-to-date as possible. Thus, if you see an “out of stock” message when you press an “add to cart” button, that means the product is out of stock. I'll make products listed as out of stock available as soon as they can be built. When a product is no longer available, I'll get it off the web store's product index as quickly as possible.

5. I want to say something about high shipping charges. The problem is that the first few pounds shipped cost far more per pound than the last few pounds. For example, shipping a single balun or Line Isolator can generate shipping charges that are a large portion of the price of the product. However, shipping an antenna with rope, and other heavy accessories considerably reduces the price per pound. There is nothing I can do about that. Most of the cost for UPS or the Postal Service is in the processing and delivery of the package. That is a fixed cost. When the delivery driver brings a package weighing one pound or ten pounds, most of the effort and cost is just getting the package to your door.

What I will do and have been doing in cases where the shipping charges are over estimated by my web store is to recalculate the shipping cost manually and give you a refund for the difference. This will be indicated on your sales receipt if it applies.

Important Advice

Some orders take longer to arrive or process than others. Transit time will usually be 5 or more business days on orders going to the west coast. Please take into account that I'm doing the best I can to get your order to you as quickly as possible. If you have a critical delivery date, please place your order two or three weeks in advance. Remember, it's just Jean and I processing your orders.

Stay tuned,

Jim, W4THU


This is an index of the products currently offered by W4THU RADIO WORKS, LLC. Most of these products are kept in stock for immediate shipment.

The link buttons below will take you to the product's description page. On that page there will be an "Add to Cart" button should you wish to order that product.
Please do not call or email me and request a product that is not on this list.
Important Product News

The T-4 Plus and T-4G Plus are no longer available and there is a very limited number of T-4-500 Line Isolators. A very small number of T-4 and T-4G equivalents have been made and are now available.

These T-4 Plus and T-4G Plus equivalents will be built into 3" diameter cases, so they are physically larger than the current models which are built into a smaller diameter case which accomadates a long ferrite rod. The replacements will use a toroidal core which will actually work as well better than than the . The new case is the same dimensions as the B4-2K balun and the RemoteBalun™. The reason for the case size change is because I am going to use an toroidal core instead of the long ferrite rod used previously. The only reason for the change is because I have a few extra toroidal core available. They are being made with expensive toroid cores which have been used only only in my top-of-the-line baluns and matching units.

Available Products
CAROLINA WINDOM® 160   B1-2K - 1:1, 2kW balun
CAROLINA WINDOM® 80   B1-5K - 1:1, Premium high power baluns
CAROLINA WINDOM® 80 Compact™   B1-1KV 1:1 VHF Balun
  B4-2KX - 4:1 Precision current balun
CAROLINA WINDOM® 40   RemoteBalun™ - coax to balanced line interface
CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 Compact™  
Line Isolators
    T-6 VHF Line Isolator
  Al HF Line Isolators have been sold. I will be adding a new model soon. It is a very limited production run.
SuperLoop® 80   T-6G VHF Line Isolator
  PL-259 Connectors and UG-176 adapters
  Coaxial Jumpers
  Coax Seal™
  Rope - Antenna Support Line
  Snap-on Ferrite cores and copper ground braid

Product Manuals

This is the complete 40-page product manual for all of the RADIO WORKS'™ products prior to the introduction of the CAROLINA WINDOM® Compact™. Installation instruction addendum for all newer antennas are also listed in this link.

There are antenna installation hints and grounding information. So, you'll want to download this manual.

This is an Adobe PDF file and it may downloaded to your desktop and be printed, depending on how you have your PDF reader set up.
Product Manuals


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