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October 25, 2018


I am retiring!

All Antennas Have Been Sold!

Important Product News

Line Isolators

A New Line Isolator, the 2K-LIG will replace the T-4 Plus and T-4G Plus Line Isolators which are no longer available. The 2K-LIG is still available but the quantity is limited. .


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Available Products
All antennas have been sold.

Y1-5K 1:1 "Yagi Balun

On Sale
Coax Seal™
Line Isolators
Replacement Vertical Radiators All 2KU-LIG Line Isolators have been sold.

T-6 VHF Line Isolator

T-6G VHF Line Isolator

Product Manuals

This is the complete 40-page product manual for all of the RADIO WORKS'™ products prior to the introduction of the CAROLINA WINDOM® Compact™. Installation instruction addendum for all newer antennas are also listed in this link.

There are antenna installation hints and grounding information. So, you'll want to download this manual.

This is an Adobe PDF file and it may downloaded to your desktop and be printed, depending on how you have your PDF reader set up.
Product Manuals


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