The Original, High Performance, High Specification Yagi Balun

Y1-5K Plus

5 kW, 1:1, Current-Type Balun for Yagi Antennas

I have a few of these left, so I'm having a SALE.

These are the same baluns used as the interface between Ladder Line and the coaxial feedline in the RADIO WORKS G5RV antenna.

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Y1-5K Plus 1:1 Current Balun, 5 kW
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Note: In many installations, the leads exiting the balun's case are part of the antenna and the length must be taken into account. This is especially important on 15, 10 and 6 meters where the antenna length is short and the baluns output leads make the element longer, lowering the resonant frequency. Of course, this is true of all baluns and Line Isolators.

Y1-5K Plus
Balun Type Current
Ratio 1:1
Operating Bandwidth 160 - 6 m
Power Loss, dB Nil
Saturation Resistant Yes
Internal XMSN Line Z 50 Ohms
Winding Z @ 14 MHz > 50K
Core Type Ferrite
Power Rating @ 3.5 MHz 5 kW if SWR < 3:1 *
Output Balance Excellent
Load Variation Tolerance Excellent
Input connector SO-239
Output Connector Wire
Size 2.3" x 8"
* CW/SSB duty-cycles only. Not rated for AM, RTTY or other high duty-cycle modes.


Retrofit applications in beams and wire antennas using 50-ohm coax. We use the Y1-5K in the RADIO WORKS™, version of the G5RV. You can add one to your G5RV for maximum feedline isolation.

Also useful in TVI and RFI reduction.


You asked for a precision, high performance YAGI BALUN™. The RADIO WORKS brings you what you want as only we can. Y1-5K combines all of the best electrical characteristics of the C1-2K (which has been replaced by newer models with the mechanical construction of the B1- series baluns).

Y1-5K baluns has the high power ratings for the big safety margin you want. The electrical specifications are unmatched. You get the maximum performance possible from your beam.


If the manufacturer of your beam does not specify a particular balun for your beam, use the Y1-5K. Unless a specific balun is part of the antenna's matching system, and this is not usually the case, substituting the Y1-5K will not adversely affect matching. Adding the Y1-5K can improve the front-to-side and front-to-back ratios in many beams by maximally isolating the feedline from the beam. The feedline can act as a long vertical antenna coupled to your beam if isolation is insufficient. Another thing you may notice is a reduction received noise level.


Two output wires emerge from the top of the case on either side of a stainless-steel eye-bolt. Connect these two wires directly to the antenna's feedpoint. The output wires are exactly 9" long (from internal winding to each end). Mounting the 'YAGI BALUN' is not critical. It may be supported by its eye-bolt or, as an alternative, taped or strapped directly to the beam's boom. The SO-239 input connector will accommodate a standard PL-259.

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