T-6 & T-6G

'VHF' Line Isolator and RFI Terminator™

Updated 2/3/18

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The T-6 series of Line Isolators™ are available in limited quantities. I have about 20 of each available. I will no longer build them because I don't have the parts.

T-6 & T-6G Specifications
  • Type: Current
  • Ratio Input/Output: 1:1
  • Design Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Internal transmission line Z: 50 ohms
  • Bandwidth: 15 - 2 meters
  • Winding Z @ 21 MHz: 1K
  • Winding Z @ 144 MHz: 1K
  • Coefficient of coupling: 100%
  • Power loss in dB: Nil
  • Power handling: 500 watts @ 28 MHz *
  • 200 W @ 50 MHz *
  • Input connector: SO-239
  • Output connector: SO-239

* CW/SSB duty-cycle only. Not rated for AM, FM, RTTY or other high duty-cycle modes.

The T-6G is the grounded version of the T-6. It provides a direct path to ground so that RF traveling along the coaxial cable doesn't see a path back to the operation position. A very effective way to eliminate RFI leaving or entering your radio room.


Yes! Even at VHF, you will find the T-6 as useful as the T-4 is on HF. The T-6 is perfect for use with vertical antennas of all types. Why put up a terrific beam with a good front-to-back ratio and then let feedline line radiation spoil the antenna's pattern?

Ground loop problems can still be a problem on 6 meters and the T-6 can help eliminate them. What the T-4 has done with RFI problems on HF, the T-6 will do the same on the upper HF bands plus 6 and 2 meters.

The T-6 does it all!

The T-6 may be used in any Line Isolator application. Beams, verticals, wire beams, RFI, TVI, equipment isolation, the T-6 does it all.


Available at the RADIO WORKS'™ Web Store

T-6 Line Isolator™ 160-6m, 500 W $44.95
T-6G Line Isolator™ 160-6m, 500 W $47.95
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You'll need a jumper cable to connect Line Isolators™ between equipment.

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