What make the CAROLINA WINDOM so good?

Outstanding on all bands

Combine the off-center fed system with the new polarized matching unit and the CAROLINA WINDOM® provides outstanding performance on all bands. This includes all the WARC bands, 30, 17, 12 and 6 meters.

An alternative to expensive beams and towers
The CAROLINA WINDOM® is ideal for those of us who do not use a tower and beam. It's also ideal for those who want a high performance antenna to augment their beam's coverage by adding 80, 40, 30, 17, 12 and 6 meters.

Low Angle, Vertical Radiation Pattern

The CAROLINA WINDOM'S radiation pattern is an unusual combination of horizontal and vertical lobes. This accounts for the excellent performance of this antenna system. Tests have shown that the CAROLINA WINDOM® will out perform conventional antennas under similar conditions by as much as two S-units.

6 Product Reviews

It's a winner!

Easily beats G5RV, Dipoles, and trap antennas.

This fact has been confirmed by six product reviews, DX'peditions and a world record. The CAROLINA WINDOM® has always received excellent marks. One review, in WorldRadio, confirms the outstanding performance of the CAROLINA WINDOM in a head-to-head comparison with a G5RV manufactured by another company. That reviewer found the difference to be around 10 dB, band-for-band. You must remember that the G5RV develops a small amount of gain on several bands above 80 meters, and the CAROLINA WINDOM® still outperformed it on every band by a wide margin when the bands supported long haul propagation paths.


It's not the OLD Windom. It's new, It's hot! Actually, it's not a Windom at all.

Some early versions of the Windom antenna used balanced twin lead in combination with a 4:1 balun. Those designs did not have balanced feed, but used balanced twin-lead feedline. Windoms fed with balanced line do not take advantage of the 'Vertically Enhanced Radiation Technique™.'

Enhanced Vertical Radiation due to the inverted Vertical Radiator

The CAROLINA WINDOM®, takes advantage and improves on the off-center fed design. In the CAROLINA WINDOM®, the current in each of the wire radiator sections is out of balance. Coaxial cable (which is not a balanced line) will radiate when the voltage and phase relationships are not properly balanced.

Special Matching Transformer

The 'Dedicated Matching Unit' used to match the transmission line (coax feed line) to the antenna is a special design that enhances transmission line radiation. Part of the coaxial feedline serves not only as the transmission line (or feed line) but, simultaneously, serves as a vertical radiator. The wire portion of the antenna is the counterpoise for the vertical radiator. The result is an inverted-vertical antenna located high in the air and free of ground losses. It is a very efficient vertical antenna.

To further enhance the low angle radiation pattern, a new "polarized" matching unit forces more RF current down the transmission line for improved low angle radiation patterns. A new, very high isolation Line Isolator keeps this RF from traveling down the coax and into your radio room. These features are now on all CAROLINA WINDOM® models.

Very low angle radiation + moderately higher radiation patterns.

The combination of horizontal high angle radiation and vertical low angle radiation accounts for the excellent performance of the CAROLINA WINDOM both locally and long haul (DX).

Line Isolator The LINE ISOLATOR™ effectively separates the transmission line portion of the cable from the radiating portion. Vertical radiator length is predictable and repeatable and it performs double duty as part of the matching system.

Feedline Isolator performs multiple roles A 'Line Isolator™' is placed in series with the transmission line at a critical point. The Line Isolator provides a large inductive reactance at the insertion point (the action is similar to an RF choke). This effectively eliminates transmission line radiation beyond the point where it is inserted into the transmission line.

THE SECRET So, this is the secret of the CAROLINA WINDOM'S remarkable performance. It's the vertical radiator. It is not some sort of 'black magic' or 'hype' as some speculate, its performance is quite real and explainable.

Registered Trademarks (®), Trademarks (™), and Copyrights (©)

Registered Trademarks (®), Trademarks (™), and Copyrights (©)

The original CAROLINA WINDOM® antenna system was built by Jim Wilkie, WY4R, Edgar Lambert, WA4LVB, and Joe Wright, W4UEB. It was essentially what is now commonly known as an OCFD fed with coaxial cable.

Dimension optimization, multibanding, the Line Isolator enhancement, application of the "Vertically Enhanced Radiation Technique™" (VERT™) to the original CAROLINA WINDOM® (which was essentially an OCF dipole at the time), as well as the design of the following versions of the CAROLINA WINDOM® are covered by copyrights and Trademarks owned by Jim Thompson, W4THU. These include, but are not limited to the following as the versions and configurations continue to be developed:

CAROLINA BEAM™ and its specific band coverage models (i.e. 160, 80, 40, etc.)
CAROLINA WINDOM Short™ and its specific band coverage models
CAROLINA WINDOM® Shorty™ and its specific band coverage models
All versions of the loaded, linear loaded CAROLINA WINDOMS® and their specific band coverage models

CAROLINA WINDOM® 80 Compact™ and all of its variations including at this time the CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 Compact™ and the CAROLINA WINDOM® 40 AV Compact™.

All versions of the CAROLINA WINDOM® using multiple Vertical Radiators (variants of the CAROLINA WINDOM® BEAM™, CAROLINA BEAM™, CAROLINA WINDOM® Short™)

All of the antennas listed above were developed by Jim Thompson, who owns the Registered Trademark (®), Trademarks (™) and Copyrights (©) of all of these variants of the CAROLINA WINDOM® and of the CAROLINA WINDOM® itself.

All Copyrighted literature, publications, articles, and all other material appearing in print or on the Web, written or published by Jim Thompson or The RADIO WORKS™ using the above listed names and descriptions and all variants associated with them are the intellectual property of Jim Thompson, W4THU and are covered by associated Trademarks and Copyrights. All manufacturing procedures, processes, and techniques are also covered by the Copyright and Trademark rights owned by Jim Thompson.

An exclusive license is granted to The RADIO WORKS, by Jim Thompson, W4THU, for production , distribution, and use of the Registered Trademarks, Trademarks, and Copyrights of the CAROLINA WINDOM® in the various versions listed above.

Note: Parts of this article first appeared in the RADIO WORKS' Reference Catalog©, pages 58 and 59.
This document was updated on June 27, 2008 and July 10, 2013 to reflect changes, new models, names, and improvements made to the CAROLINA WINDOM® since the article appeared in the RADIO WORKS' Reference Catalog.

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