The CAROLINA WINDOM® is much less difficult to install. It doesn't require an elaborate ground radial system. Performance is better due primarily to reduced ground losses and the lack of interference from nearby structures. The inverted-vertical nature of the CAROLINA WINDOM produces a nearly ideal low angle radiation pattern.


On the low bands especially, dipoles and similar antennas, installed at normal heights are limited in long-haul capabilities. The radiation pattern of these antennas is predominately very high angle. Installation of the CAROLINA WINDOM® is not any more difficult, and its performance is far better. As an added bonus, the CAROLINA WINDOM® is a multiband antenna.

OCF Dipoles

While the OCFD and the CAROLINA WINDOM® are both off-center-fed antennas, that is the only thing they have in common. The CAROLINA WINDOM® is a much higher performance antenna system and covers more bands. The Vertical Radiator generates a vertically polarized radiation pattern with a very low takeoff angle. This make all the difference when making a DX contact or even a casual ragchew across the country.


The CAROLINA WINDOM® will generally outperform a well designed and properly installed full-wave loop out to the first skip distance and holds its own up to the second hop (about 5000 miles). After that, the loop will sometimes have the advantage, but not always. It depends on the heights of the antennas. The CAROLINA WINDOM is far easier to put up and has the advantage of multiband operation.


The CAROLINA WINDOM® is usually within about 1 S-Unit of a trap tribander at the same height. Of course, the beam has the advantage of rotation and a front-to-back ratio. The disadvantage of the beam is, of course, high cost and installation difficulty. Even if you have the beam in the air, you will need a excellent antenna to cover 80, 40, 30 and the other WARC bands.

If you haven't heard the CAROLINA WINDOM® on the air, you will soon; and when you do, YOU'LL WANT ONE. It's the best money you'll ever spend to improve your signal.

The real CAROLINA WINDOM® story and Trademark credits.

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The real CAROLINA WINDOM® story and Trademark credits.

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