Weatherproofing material suggested includes Coax Seal™, STUF™, Cold Shrink Tape, and quality Electrical Tape.

Coax Seal™

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Coax Seal 104

Coax Seal™ is your first line of defense in your coax cable's war against the ruinous effects of the weather. Coax Seal is a hand-moldable, plastic mastic, suitable for sealing a wide variety of materials, metals, plastics, and vinyls to accomplish a tenacious and waterproof, long-lasting seal for coaxial cable.

Coax Seal is black, tacky, non-conductive, non-contaminating, 100% waterproof, and has low vapor transmission rate. It has self-healing qualities.

Coax-Seal™, roll 1/2"x5' $3.75

Coax Seal™ packed in individual envelopes - 1/2" x 10" With instructions printed on the envelope. We use these in our antennas.

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