Weatherproofing material suggested includes Coax Seal™, STUF™, Cold Shrink Tape, and quality Electrical Tape.

Coax Seal™

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Coax Seal 104

Coax Seal™ is your first line of defense in your coax cable's war against the ruinous effects of the weather. Coax Seal is a hand-moldable, plastic mastic, suitable for sealing a wide variety of materials, metals, plastics, and vinyls to accomplish a tenacious and waterproof, long-lasting seal for coaxial cable.

Coax Seal is black, tacky, non-conductive, non-contaminating, 100% waterproof, and has low vapor transmission rate. It has self-healing qualities.

Coax-Seal™, roll 1/2"x5' $3.75

Coax Seal™ packed in individual envelopes - 1/2" x 10" With instructions printed on the envelope. We use these in our antennas.

More, indispensable, weatherproofing products

STUF Weatherproofing compound

This is a viscous, white compound with dielectric properties that exceed those of the connectors to which it is applied. STUF forces air and moisture out of the connector from the inside during assembly, sealing it from the inside. One tube will fill several connectors. The tube contains 3.2 cubic inches of STUF, enough to weatherproof a couple of dozen PL-259 connectors. Do Not Use without Coax Seal or Cold Shrink Tape for outer protection.
Ideal moisture barrier
Resists sunlight
Long-term protection
No heat needed, just wrap

Cold Shrink tape is wrapped around the connector with a slight stretch of the tape. After a few hours, the tape shrinks and forms a solid weatherproof seal. I like to use Cold Shrink tape over a layer of Coax Seal™.

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