4:1 Current Balun

Updated 2/3/18


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B4-2KX 4:1 Precision Current Balun 2 kW $65.95
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Precision, high power 4:1 CURRENT balun

Balun Type




Operating Bandwidth

160-10 m

Power Loss

<.8 dB

Saturation Resistant


Core Type

2 Large Toroid Cores

Power Rating @ 3.5 MHz

1.5 kW if SWR < 3:1 *

Output Balance


Load Variation Tolerance


Input connector


Output Connector


Size, case

3.5" x 3.5"

* Important: Not rated for AM, RTTY or other high duty-cycle modes. Power rating is for normal SSB and CW duty-cycles only.
Exception: At transceiver output levels, this device may be used on PSK-31 and similar modes with lowering the low IMD performance.

Applications: All B4-1.5K applications. Folded dipoles, delta-loops, or any general purpose 200 - 300 ohm applications. Use the B4-2KX in precision applications: Wire beams, KT-series Yagis, etc.

This is it! A real 4:1 Current Balun.

Laboratory Developed

Fresh Design Approach

Large Toroidal Cores

Precision transmission line designs

Special, Large Gauge, High Temperature, High Voltage Wire.

Compensation Network for Wide Bandwidth

Check this out and compare with others!

Special ferrite toroids manage reactance and provide the very high inductance values necessary in a 4:1 balun. The B4-2KX is a precision CURRENT balun, using two large, efficient, toroid cores, and heavy, high-voltage wire, along with special winding techniques. All this, combined with our exclusive, built-in L-C compensation networks achieves wide bandwidth, excellent output balance and a high power safety factor. It's an unbeatable combination. It's an unbeatable balun.

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