B1-5K Plus



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B1-5K Plus 1:1 Current Balun, 5 kW $45.95
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Available at the RADIO WORKS'™ Web Store

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5 kW, 1:1, Current-Type Balun

B1-5K Plus

Balun Type




Operating Bandwidth

160 - 6 m

Power Loss, dB


Saturation Resistant


Internal Transmission Line Z

50 Ohms

Core Type

HF/VHF Ferrite

Power Rating @ 3.5 MHz

5 kW if SWR < 3:1 *

Output Balance


Load Variation Tolerance


Input connector


Output Connector

Size 2.3" x 8"

* Important: Antennas are not rated for AM, RTTY or other high duty-cycle modes. The power rating is for normal SSB and CW duty-cycles only.

Exception: At transceiver output levels, all antennas rated for 1500 watt service may be used on PSK-31 and similar modes without sacrificing low IMD specifications.

Applications: Dipoles, trap dipoles, Inverted-V, Slopers, etc. Any application requiring a 50 ohm balun.

The B1-4K Ultra is similar to the B1-5K but with a much higher isolation factor. If you need maximum feedline isolation, the B1-4K Ultra is the choice. If you need 6 meter operation, then the B1-5K Plus is the best choice.

Just Another 'BIG' Balun?

We built the B1-5K balun as part of an antenna project for the Peace Corps in Zaire, Africa. They needed an antenna for a high power, high duty cycle application. Several commercial antenna systems had failed in similar service, so they asked us to build a bullet-proof system. We developed the B1-5K as the heart of that project.

The Ultimate Balun?

The B1-4K Ultra and the B1-5K Plus are the answers to requests for a precision 160 meter balun. I do not know of another balun with this combination of precision, specifications, high power rating, and construction quality.

The B1-4K Ultra and the B1-5K Plus's design makes them remarkably saturation resistant. This prevents signal distortion and potential RFI problems that plague common 'Voltage-type' baluns.

The B1-4K Ultra and the B1-5K Plus are a Current-type baluns and take abuse in stride. Even with power overload and load mismatch, they survive. Current- baluns like the B1-4K Ultra and the B1-5K Plus provide better output balance and far better reactance characteristics than 'Voltage-baluns' that require a nearly perfect load.

With the introduction of newly developed ferrites operating in both the HF and VHF regions, it is now possible, with new winding techniques, to build a balun which covers an additional octave of bandwidth. The result is the B1-5K Plus which efficiently covers 160 - 6 meters with excellent performance. On the higher bands, be sure to take the balun's output lead length into account in critical applications.

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