Listed here are current products and several items used in production of the RADIO WORKS™ products that are ON SALE, NOW!.

Stock items on SALE

T-6 VHF Line Isolator

T-6G VHF Line Isolator

Y1-5K 1:1 "Yagi Balun

Rope - Antenna Support Line

Very Important

Add any of the SALE items below to your order.

All of the items below are very lite in weight. You must combine them with an order of an antenna, balun or Line Isolator. Otherwise, the shipping will cost much more than the product.

Illustrations are not to scale.
Ground Braid

1/2" Tinned Copper Ground Braid List Price

50¢ per foot

Ground Strap

Copper ground strap to connect your station ground to a ground rod. List Price

$2.00 each


These are the same high quality end insulators used on all RADIO WORKS™ antennas. They are made with a UV resistant plastic for a long life. With the five ribs, there is a very long leakage path. List Price
$2.00 per CIN insulator

MFJ Dogbone Insulator

Glazed ceramic end insulators. These are used in the folded element of CW 80 Compact and the CW 40 Compact antennas. List Price

69¢ each


These are my favorite insulators for use in my personal projects. They are strong, UV resistant, and have a very long leakage path. List Price

$1 each

Plastic Strain Insulator

These are inexpensive insulators for use as end insulators or to break up guy lines on lite weight poles. These are compression type, but are suitable for only lite loads.
The package says "Rugged design with large flanges. Prime high density polyethylene with UV inhibitor.
List Price

50¢ each

Standoff Insulator or Attic Insulator

This is a very special insulator. I used them with the "Attic" versions of my "Compact" antenna series. You screw them into anything wood and your antenna wire is held 6" away from the wood. You can also use them for supporting coax. They are perfect for RG-8X or smaller cables. I only have a few remaining in stock. List Price

$1.79 each

Plastic SO-239 Covers

No image is available
These are the plastic caps you may have seen on our baluns and Line Isolators. My Icom PW-1 Linear also came with similar caps to keep the silver-Teflon SO-239 connectors from tarnishing. The color is red and they are a perfect fit for SO-239 connectors used inside or outside.
They are made of semi-hard plastic.
Come in a bag of 10 pieces.

$2.50 per bag of 10