30L-1 Linear Amplifiers, 312B-4 Console, and 312B-5 Console

Two 30-L1 Linear Amplifiers are used in this station since there are two completely independent rigs. All of the equipment on the top row work together as does all the gear on the bottom row. It was much simpler to use two linear amplifiers than to try to switch one amplifier between two transmitters.

The 312B-4 console on the top left of this photograph houses a speaker, phone patch, and wattmeter. The 312B-5 console on the bottom level adds a second PTO for split operation with the KWM-2A.

The 30L-1 linear amplifiers are stock and produce about 600 watts output. These are excellent amplifiers and are available at good prices on the used market. Four 811A tubes are mounted on their sides in this amplifier. This permits building the amplifier in the same size case as the KWM-2.