An Assemblage Of A Few Nice Rigs.

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Squires-Sanders SS-1R Receiver

The centerpiece of this station is the Squires - Sanders SS-1R receiver, noise blanker, and monitor scope. These are very rare and unusual pieces from the mid 1960's. When new, the receiver along sold for nearly $1000. I don't know what the conversion factor would be in today's money, but certainly such a receiver would sell in the $4K to $5K range. The front-end circuitry was a complete departure from contemporary designs as was the frequency readout. Many new circuits and techniques were developed and the noise blanker was very complex but it was also very effective. The circuitry was so involved that the noise blanker was mounted in the speaker cabinet. To round out this cutting-edge package was the Band Scope. It, too, was quite unusual. Click on the various equipment to like to more in depth information.

Squires-Sanders SS-1V Band Scope

This is the SS-1V Band Scope. Squires-Sanders never did anything quite like their contemporaries and that goes for this spectrum analyzer (panoramic adaptor).

Noise blanker and speaker for the SS-1R receiver

The SS-1R's noise blanker was cutting-edge circuitry when it was featured in a QST article. The circuitry was so involved that it had to be mounted external to the receiver. Here you see the noise blanker chassis mounted in the speaker cabinet.

Clegg Laboratories "Interceptor VHF Receiver"
Clegg Laboratories was a division of Squires-Sanders. They specialized in high quality VHF equipment. The "Interceptor" is a fine example of product line.

The clever Interceptor dial
I though the dial calibration on the Interceptor receiver is interesting, so I've enlarged it so can see what I'm talking about.

Ten Tec Argonaut 509 Transceiver
Here is the famous Argonaut 509 SSB/CW QRP transceiver.

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