Just a few collectables

Collins Stuff

If I had been doing more than just taking snapshots of the radio room, I would have removed the Bird watt meter from atop the KWS-1 power supply. However, in day-to-day operation, I use it because it is more accurate than the Collins 302C-1 sitting on top of the KWS-1 transmitter.

Other items in this photograph are a Collins Mug presented to me by Bob Peters, K1JNN who sells collectables like this. In the middle is the official name badge of Collins Collectors Association members. I've added the "winged emblem" below my name on the badge. The vacuum tube on the right-hand corner of the power supply is an 811 with the name "Collins" still very legible on the base. This was mounted and given to me by Brad Garrett, KQ4IX.

Obviously, there is a whole array of collectables beyond the radio equipment itself. There are books, certificates, hats, garments, log books, QSL cards, advertising and other literature, manuals, service bulletins, .... well, the list just goes on. I have a few things salted away, but I'm not really a collector, I'm just a Collins admirer and user.