312A-1 Lighted Speaker and 302C-1 Wattmetter

plus the 270G-2 and 270G-3 speakers

The 302C-1 is one of the matching speakers for the Gold Dust Twins. If I'm correct, it is with this the first watt meter that used a ferrite toroidal core as a senseing element. The circuit was so successful, that it is still the basis for nearly all quality directional wattmeters in use today. The Bird uses a different technique, but the circuit used here permitted easily switched forward and reflected power ranges. Also, it was fairly accurate over the entire HF spectrum. It was an $89 accessory in 1955. Obviously, not many were purchased and there are not a lot of them around.

There were others
270G-2 and 270G-3 Speakers

The 74A-4's Speakers.

There were four speakers suitable for use with the 75A-4: the 270G-2, the 270G-3, the 312A-1 and the 312A-2. The most desirable is probably the 312A-2 with its accompanying SC-101 "Station Control System." These are the rarest of the rare and command very high prices whenever you can find one. I don't have the 312A-2/SC-101 but the 312A-1 is the second most desirable, and in my opinion the the one that looks the best with the Gold Dust Twins. That's the speaker shown above. Enclosed in the metal cabinet is a 10-inch full-range speaker with a response curve that's excellent for voice reproduction. The speaker itself is mounted on a plate several inches behind the metal grille. This particular cabinet has some "foam creating" around the inner walls of the cabinet in front of the speaker. I'm sure this was done to soften the sound from a speaker mounted in a metal cabinet. Since the foam material was already mounted in the speaker and can be easily removed, I've just left it in there. You can see it only when the speaker is illuminated from the front (this photo was taken with a flash, that's why you can see the foam material through the grille.

The 312A-1 is a couple of inches taller than the 75A-4 or the KWS-1. I suppose this was done to raise the Luma Line lamp above the cabinet tops so that the controls on the rigs would be better illuminated.

The 270G-3 speaker also adds a nice finishing touch to the Gold Dust Twins.


Here are the Gold Dust Twins with a 270G-3 Speaker. This was my origianl setup. It took me about a year to find the 312A-1 speaker which now graces the Twins' table.